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Automated management of dollies transporting automotive parts

Anne-Charlotte C. 
Logistics Project Manager
A fully autonomous robot that picks up dollies at location A, transports them and puts them back at location B. The AMR is a flexible solution in the sense that it avoids obstacles it identifies as it navigates through an environment.


The use case in brief

With a view to factory restructuring for the optimization and automation of intralogistics flows. 3 SHERPA-Ds replace small logistics trains in charge of transporting bins containing parts for assembly.

Key figures

Up to 360 bins transported per hour

24/24 availability thanks to induction charging


The facility's plus points


Improved ergonomics for operators concerned by musculoskeletal disorders related to load transport


Safe collaboration between a fleet of mobile robots and humans. Trained operators live together with the machines.


The SHERPA solution transports standard automotive dollies (600x400mm).  It also enables dollies to be picked up deep finto the rail.


Productivity gains: the operator calls the robot from his workstation without leaving it, and the robot brings the necessary parts to the operator autonomously.

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