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Interface between production output
and warehousing


Maxime M.
Methods and Logistics Technician
SHERPA is an ideal solution for transferring parcels from the storage area to the automated warehouse.


The use case in brief

A SHERPA-B is the relay between two automated warehouses, in order to drastically reduce non-value-added human movements. 100% automatic function thanks to mission launch via cells and Shercom

Key figures

1750 missions in 6 months

First Past Yield = 92

Parcel pick-up in less than 3 minutes


The facility's plus points





A flexible solution for handling different parcel formats, thanks to an adapted top module integration a conveyor belt.

Efficient interfacing of the robot with upstream and downstream peripherals via automated drop-off on infeed and outfeed conveyors

Parcel transfers in masked time. Operators no longer need to waste time moving around the working areas.

Immediate availability of the robot at the warehouse exit, which instantly takes charge of the parcels and transfers them.

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