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Supply of parts to production stations according to production orders

Fabrice S. 
Technician in charge of the AMR project
We identified a number of advantages to this solution, such as the absence of line-side energy (only call buttons) and the flexibility and modularity of the installation.


The use case in brief

Two SHERPA-Ps manage all flows from the warehouse to the production stations, then collect the boxes. A PLC in the warehouse automatically sends missions to the two robots, according to the needs of the production stations and the boxes prepared in the warehouse. The bins are emptied automatically onto conveyor peripherals.

Key figures

1500 km covered

1000 hours of operation 

Maximum capacity of 40 cases per hour, i.e. 960 cases


The facility's plus points





Integrated adaptation of the upper part to customer requirements. Energy supplied by mobile base.

Reliable safety loop and integration of emergency stop buttons for maximum safety

Intuitive interface and communication between robot and top module

Parts feeding according to the production order, reducing errors and saving time.

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