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Agile transfer of dollies and rubbish baskets

Olivier C.
Plant Manager
We are very satisfied with the final result. The challenge was ambitious, but we succeeded in adapting the robot's operation to our environmental restrictions.


The use case in brief

1 SHERPA-D in charge of picking up and setting down dollies on the production department. Each computer located in the work areas has a personalized interface indicating the tasks to be carried out by the operator: parts removal, garbage can removal, chip bin removal, etc.

Key figures

More than 60 missions

Passage through very narrow areas : 0.8m

50km covered in just a few weeks


The facility's plus points





The robot moves safely in an environment where mens and machines cohabit

An agile robot able to navigate in narrow areas. SHERPA adapts its speed and trajectories

Handling  dollies carrying various containers (stacks of bins, shelves, rubbish bins)

A mobile collaborative robot that supports employees, which has been quickly adopted by teams.

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