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Kitting and line feeding in fleet management mode

Malaurie F.
Logistics Project Manager
After 2 years of installation: "Reliable robots and installation, with low maintenance. The AMRs enabled us to automate the strategic flows needed to feed our assembly line".


The use case in brief

Complete reorganization of assembly line flows with 6 SHERPA-B robots. The fleet is divided into 2 batches and managed by a Fleet Manager. Each batch is responsible for feeding the production line with part subsets prepared and assembled by operators in a dedicated kitting area.

Key figures

6000 km covered in 24 months

230 engines / day, i.e. 1 engine every 4 minutes

1950 parts picked / day

50% reduction in operator travel

12% time saving for each order preparation


The facility's plus points





Robots can operate in a SAFE industrial environment, among operators, forklifts, milkrunners and AGVs.

FLEXIBLE routes thanks to AMR. It doesn't use laser guidance or ground markers, but relies on its own intelligence and the mapping of space and predefined routes.

Reduce line-side inventory by eliminating buffers. Implementation of the One Piece Flow to guarantee a higher level of quality, notably by controlling the error rate in the pick phases.

An intuitive interface for easy handling and a follow-me mode for user-friendly interaction between man and machine.

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