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Mix of modes for order-picking

Pauline M.
Operations Manager
We were one of SHERPA's first partners. The combination of follow me and autonomous modes, which brings a lot of flexibility, was a major argument in our decision.


The use case in brief

4 robots integrated into the book order picking flow. The robot follows the order picker during the picking phase, then transfers the goods in total autonomy to the evacuation conveyors.

Key figures

Up to 160 picks/hour

Up to 500 bins evacuated / day

200 m = Distance between picking area and the exit sorter

2400 km covered by robots


The facility's plus points





Robots are in charge to move bins from one hall to another, saving time for order pickers by reducing their deplacments

Extended top tray for increased bin capacity, while reducing operator pain

Collaborative order picking between mens and machines

Productivity gains: the operator can move on to the next order-picking task, while the robot evacuate the processed orders.

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