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Smart & mobile collaborative robots

The SHERPA solution is :

  • PLd* level certified : safe alongside people, obstacles and transported material.
  • Equipped with obstacles avoidance function, reversible to adapt to narrow routes.
  • Able to combine «follow-me» and «autonomous» modes, and to operate in fleet management
  • Less pain, more ergonomics and less non value-added tasks, brings more flexibility, streamlines flows
  • Plug & Play : requires no changes neither to existing facilities nor to customer’s IT systems
  • Easy to setup and operate, simple user interfaces
  • Options adapted to a large spectrum of use cases, sold complete and ready for use
  • Customers are keeping control to adapt configurations and missions by themselves

Autonomous Mobile Robots

What are the benefits ?

Less pain and risks in the transport of loads

Much more productivity through the drastic reduction of low value-added tasks

Greater flexibility and space savings by tending towards the «one-piece-flow»

Allows innovative transformation to factories 4.0

Return on Investment : 12 to 18 months

In short : high operative and economical profits for our customers

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