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SHERPA-D handles dollies and stacks of bins. A compact mobile robot (1050 x 400 x 850mm) with a payload of up to 250kg and able to move at a maximum speed of 4km/h.

sherpa d iso
sherpa d 3_4 droite
sherpa d droite
sherpa d gauche

For dollies or stack of bins transport

Compatible pour les dollies 600x400mm

Payload : 250 kg
Speed : 4 km/h

The SHERPA-B is dedicated to the transport of containers. Very agile with its small size (950x600x650), it can load up to 200kg and move at a speed of up to 7 km/h. Its adaptation to your infrastructure is quick and easy.

Sherpa - B Plateau - 3/4 Gauche - Robot Mobile industriel AMR
Sherpa - B Plateau - 3/4 Droite- Robot Mobile industriel AMR
Sherpa - B Plateau - Droite- Robot Mobile industriel AMR
Sherpa - B Plateau - Gauche - Robot Mobile industriel AMR
Sherpa - B Plateau - Isométrique - Robot Mobile industriel AMR

Main objective : Moving and transporting bins.

Des top modules standards adaptables selon les besoins : plateau simple ou spécifique, convoyeur simple, double ou frontal.

Payload : 200 kg
Speed : 7 km/h

The SHERPA-P is dedicated to the movement of pallets. Its strength combined with its adaptability helps seriously to improve your process.


Main objective : Moving and transporting pallets.

Configurable selon vos spécificités et vos besoins : plateau simple, fonction lève-palette ou table élévatrice.

Payload : 1000 kg
Speed : 7 km/h

A robots family with top technological setups

SAFETY : PLd level

360° navigation sensor

Avoidance sensors
Spot obstacles in both directions

Sensitive bumper
Stops the robot in case of impact with an obstacle

Safety electronics
Validates that the instructions given to external elements (motors, sensors, etc.) are correct

3D Camera (option)
Navigation aid option, increases safety in specific environments


Buzzer sound
Warns the presence of the robot

Identification leds
Indicate the status of the robot

Better visibility in the area nearby


Wifi (dual band)
Connection for administration and maintenance

USB interface
For updates of softwares

Ease of use

Extractable battery rack or inductive charging
Provides permanent availability

Unlocking and initiating sequencess

Composition and options

Each SHERPA® provides a large spectrum of options that contribute to improv the robot's performance and adaptability to your infrastructure.

Base roulante
A rolling base which allows to choose :

the type of payloads, the operating modes, the driving direction, the user interface …

Top modules standards adaptables
Standard top-modules adaptable according to the needs

Fixed or specific tray, type of conveyor for automated loading/unloading operations

Suite logicielle configurable
A configurable software-suite according to the applications

Smart software modules, easy to setup and operate.

Nombreuses options
Other options are available

Induction charger or battery charging unit, remote touch-screen, integrating weighing system, …

What is the ROI for these solutions ?

(12-18 months)
Amount of your investment
  • Type of SHERPA®
  • Options
  • Associated services
  • Peripherals
  • etc...
Tangible gains
  • Hourly labor cost
  • Gain in surface
  • Lower sickness absence and MSD
  • etc...
Intangible gains
  • Cost for forklift rent
  • More well-being
  • Reduction of outstandings
  • Quality
  • etc...

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