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Why become a partner of Sherpa Mobile Robotics ?

Our target is to propose complementary solutions to your offers and allow you to respond even better to the current problems of your customers.

Becoming a partner of SMR means contribute to :
Reduce pain and risks in the transport of loads.
Increase productivity.
Reduce low value-added tasks
Respond to labor shortages and sickness absence.
Allow the transformation to factories 4.0.
Our mobile and collaborative "For Humans" solutions provide you high complementary skills.


Founded in 1987, NORCAN is leader in France and one of the key players in Europe considering customized mechanical solutions based on aluminium profiles. NORCAN produces several thousand applications per year through its main site in Alsace, subsidiaries and a network of partners abroad.

NORCAN is the first integrator of SHERPA solutions.


PROCOM SYSTEM has been operating on the Polish and foreign market for over 30 years, offering comprehensive solutions in the field of automation, computerization and robotization of industrial processes, as well as environmental protection systems. The implementation of over 2,000 applications in almost 20 countries allowed us to gain unique experience, which results in meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our solutions are used by renowned companies, i.a. from the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries, to achieve the desired results.


HUB ONE is a leading digital technology operator with expertise in high-speed connectivity, traceability, cyber security and business solutions. Its know-how to integrate all these digital and collaborative technologies have become absolutely essential.


As an automation expert for more than 10 years, Armin Robotics offers a wide range of solutions for the metalworking and machining industries. "Whether you are looking to automate turning or milling operations, or to load pallets or parts, there is an ARMIN solution that meets your needs. Plug and Play, reliable and modular, our technologies enable you to meet your challenges”.

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