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Order picking on pallets in cold environments

Michel B.
Logistics Platform Manager
The robot significantly improves operator safety in our working environment. The solution is not to replace operators, but to help improve their working conditions while increasing their short-term productivity.


The use case in brief

Order picking on pallets in the food industry. The operator carries out his picking operations using a SHERPA-P in follow-me mode, then sends the robot to the dispatch area in autonomous mode.

Key figures

The robot can be used in environments where the temperature does not exceed 2-3°.


The facility's plus points





The robot takes care of loads transport while the operator concentrates on picking tasks. This significantly reduces the error rate.

Once the order-picking mission has been completed, the robot moves direction the dispatch area in autonomous mode. This enables the operator to switch on another task without losing time.

Order picking directly on the pallet contributes to smooth flows and avoids additional handling steps.

The robot and its battery behave well in a cold environment, thanks to a trickle charging mode.

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