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Automated evacuation from packaging
line to palletizing area

Frédéric G.
Equipment Technical Manager Europe
A completely autonomous robot that picks up the trays at location A, transports them and loads them up at location B. The AMR is a value-added solution in the sense that it enables our operators to carry out their packaging tasks without wasting time.

The use case in brief

Two robots at the output of 5 packaging lines are responsible for retrieving full  bins, transferring them to the palletizing area and supplying the workstation with empty bins. 

Key figures

Up to 250 missions a day

Handling 500 full bins and uploading 500 empty bins

24/24 availability thanks to induction charging


The facility's plus points






Integration of full bins and empty bins in a single operation

Automated transfer to the palletizing zone and smooth unloading onto conveyor peripherals

Integration of call buttons for automated calling of the robot to the workstation

A superior enclosure module contributing to the safety of humans and transported material 

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